Berlin Marathon

I first had the idea that it would be kinda cool to do a marathon around 4 years ago. Not seriously, but it was just one of those thing sitting in the back of my mind. I did a little research, and saw the very next marathon coming up was a night marathon in India. It seemed like a good idea, it was only a week away, so I looked into tickets and flights. »

Intermittent Fasting

I’ve been interested in my health since I was a teenager, and have always looked at ways of improving my diet and workout regime. I remember as a teenager - being asked by a friend of one of my first girlfriend’s to talk to her about her diet. They were worried about her total lack of awareness on what she was consuming. It’s not like I had a super crazy diet, but back in the mid nineties I was snacking on muesli bars and carrots instead of chocolate bars and potato chips. »

Making Kefir

The past couple of years i’ve been noticing i’ve had some small stomach and digestion problems. Nothing major, but as I have a natural tendency to always try and improve and fix things… I have become more and more interested in the gut biome. Gut Biome? I’m no expert, but as I understand it, our gut is filled with millions of bacteria all competing for resources. Obviously we want the ones which benefit and keep us healthy to flourish. »