Migrating away from Mailgun to Amazon SES

So, Ive been a relatively happy user of Mailgun for all my transactional store and support emails and also for my newsletter blasts. When I say relatively happy, it was not without issue. I run my rails/node apps on subdomains. And with this setup, it was just not possible to configure Mailgun to send the transactional emails from the base domain. As an example, the licenses from my store were being sent with headers showing as coming from licensing. »

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Berlin and fixing Firefox in Cookie

I ended up spending 2 months in Bucharest, and was super productive while I was there - managing to release a number of Cookie 6 beta builds. The final version was released around a month ago, after spending the better part of this year working on it. Berlin I began the summer performing at a couple of street festivals in Austria. Then, afterwards, as I had no where I needed to be - I figured I might as well head up to the Berlin Lacht festival and hang with some friends. »

Cold weather and app updates

Well, I spent the better part of 6 months in Hamburg, and it was super nice! until it wasnt. After living in australia for the past 20 years, I forgot that i just dont like the cold. And while it’s not exactly arctic cold, when it gets below around 15 degrees celcius, my body and mind just dont work. No problem I figured, Its only a few months, and I can get a whole lot of work done when im stuck inside… If only it were that easy. »

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Updating to SpamAssassin 3.4.2 on Plesk Onyx running on Centos 7

So, SpamAssassin was just recently updated to v3.4.2 after a number of years of no updates. And, as I like new things - of course i would update. But after digging around in Plesk, and then also dropping down to the command line - I discovered it was not going to be a simple update. So of course I jump on DuckDuckGo to look for a solution. this is the thread I found, which was almost exactly what I needed: https://talk. »

Restarting NodeBB after a crash and at login

I ran in to a minor issue the other day with my NobeBB install, and woke up to find it had crashed. Not really a big deal, as it is super easy to restart. But restarting it manually after a crash, or system reboot is not ideal - there must be a better way. And of course there is, and its super easy using systemd. There’s official docs on how to set this up. »