Open Source software

I’m a big fan of Open Source software, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have bills to pay - I would likely open source all my apps. Background So I actually had my first taste of programming in New Zealand way back in the early 1980’s. Mum was a very forward thinking women and spent way too much money buying an Apple II clone, from the local Tech chain Dick Smith. »

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Updating PostgreSQL with Homebrew on macOS Big Sur

I recently updated my install of PostgreSQL to v14 with Homebrew, and thought this small tutorial might help others. And it will obviously help me when it comes time to update again! Introduction If you’re running macOS and are doing any kind of development work, and aren’t using Homebrew - you really should take a look. It’s a package manager which allows for quick and easy installation and updating of many common packages. »

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Updating PostgreSQL on Plesk Obsidian

I’ve wanted to update Postgres for some time now, as Plesk Obsidian currently only installs version 10 by default. I also thought this would be a whole lot more difficult than it actually was. And with the release of Postgres v14, I figured this was as good a time as any to get stuck in. The actual process I used was super simple, and very quick, however it took the better part of an afternoon to do. »

Reverse Engineering Safari's Cookies.binaryCookies file format

An Indie Developer’s short tale in overcoming one of MANY problems developing for the macOS platform Building products for the Apple ecosystem, while a very rewarding experience can be stressful… especially around the dates for the Worldwide Developers Conference. This is when Apple give us Devs just a few months to prepare for the next macOS release, with all the deprecations and outright course changes that come with it. The situation I was working solo on the simple cookie manager app for Safari at the time. »

Installing Listmonk Newsletter manager

Up until recently i was using Mailtrain, a fantastic opensource newsletter manager built in Node.js. I never had any problems with it, but… it hasn’t seen an update since Sep 2018, the system requirements for the upcoming v2 release seem a little steep. The setup is a little funky to get just right, and the templating system always bothered me how cumbersome it was. Ive had mye eye on migrating away for some time, but never could find the right project to jump ship too. »