Goodbye Google - I value my privacy too much

So I’ve been using DuckDuckGo as my default search engine on macOS and iOS now for at least 2 years. I am also at the point, where I find myself having to use Google as a backup search less and less. Chrome was never interesting to me. And I stopped using calendar years ago. I do however still have a personal gmail account which I use sporadically. But mainly only so I don’t get spam in my more important accounts. I tried to setup an Adsense account for Cookie around a year ago. But it kept being cancelled because it was against policie… Analytics was also removed from all my sites a couple of years ago!

Google Adwords

And just today I also (finally) removed the last of the Adwords that I (had totally forgotten about) was using on some product pages for the long retired apps SafariCookies and SafariAdBlocker. It makes no sense for me (and is even hypocritical) to be supporting a company which goes out of it’s way to invade users privacy so blatantly.

goodbye Google goodbye Google

So… sayonara Google, tschüß and goodbye.