Email marketing with MailTrain in Plesk Onyx

So I ran in to a few small issues getting an email marketing solution based on MailTrain running in Plesk Onyx. Nothing show stopping - but I figured I’d archive this here, so no one else has to waste a full day getting it all configured just right. 🙂 Email marketing - A problem in search of an answer A little background… I’m not the best at email marketing (or social media…. »

Rails - access a subdomain app via the root domain in Plesk Onyx

I ran into just this problem the other day. Migrating my Rails store from a CPanel VPS over to the current Plesk Onyx VPS proved to be a little tricky. It took me a while to figure out a solution. So I figured I’d write a blog outlining the steps I took to get my desired result. The problem For the sake of simplicity, I like to host my Store as a subfolder of my root domain. »

App Store review macOS and iOS review nightmares

So for the past 3 weeks I have been literally banging my head against a wall with the App Store review process and the cryptic illogical rejection reasons. App Store review I am normally quite happy with the App Store review process, and my apps are normally all reviewed and available within 24hrs. However just recently I have had the mis-fortune of feeling the pain many other iOS/macOS devs speak of. »

Street performing and the use of a LIMO

So, I like street performing and have been doing so now for a number of years. Its taken me a long time to accept this, and I have battled against it for years… but crowds really like LIMO’s. Whats a LIMO? In street performer circles - this is a “Large Impressive Metal Object”. my LIMO of choice is the giraffe Unicycle. Performing with my LIMO (A Giraffe Unicycle) The LIMO can change a mediocre show into an OK show, a good show into a great show - and a great show into a spectacular show! »

Goodbye Google - I value my privacy too much

So I’ve been using DuckDuckGo as my default search engine on macOS and iOS now for at least 2 years. I am also at the point, where I find myself having to use Google as a backup search less and less. Chrome was never interesting to me. And I stopped using calendar years ago. I do however still have a personal gmail account which I use sporadically. But mainly only so I don’t get spam in my more important accounts. »

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