macOS Mojave and Mac App Store review purgatory

So, here we are again… stuck at the mercy of an opaque review system. Cookie (and also Privatus) have both been stuck in review now for close to a month. 😕 At first I was given reasons why review was failing, and while a few days earlier this was not a problem - I quickly fixed the given issues. That was the last time i heard back from Apple review… Both apps have been sitting in review now for weeks. »

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Germany - relocating to Hamburg

So, I sold up everything I owned (which wasn’t much…) and moved to Germany around 2 weeks ago. I found an apartment relatively easily, but the getting the money from the US to Germany to pay for the apartment has been a major sore point. International Wire from the US to Germany I sent the wire on the 18th May, and it was supposed arrive on the 21st May…. or so I thought. »

Resending dropped emails in Mailgun

I use a custom setup of Mailgun and Mailtrain to send out my newsletters. Recently I had an issue with sending out my latest newsletter, and came up with a solution I figured I would like to share. My small issue with Mailgun & Mailtrain Now don’t get me wrong, Mailgun + Mailtrain is a fantastic combo and saves me hundreds of dollars when sending out newsletters. If your’e not using it - you should be! »

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2 min read

The biggest problem with the Mac App Store

So, I’m in the midst of a Mac App Store related support nightmare right now… I uploaded an important update to Cookie yesterday (v5.8.1), and in my haste (it was a long day, and I uploaded it around 2am) it had a receipt checking bug. Cookie icon Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as this particular bug should be easily caught in Apple’s own review system. The only real harm is having to upload a fixed binary and wait through the review process again. »

#deletefacebook - privacy issues and deleting facebook

Its been a long time coming, and i’ve thought about it often. But seeing Elon Musk delete his companies facebook accounts finally gave me the push I needed to do the same. I deleted fb off my iPhone months ago, and haven’t missed it. Just recently I’ve found myself wasting more time on their platform on my desktop though… something which I don’t like. So after hearing the news on Musk was all I needed to make the leap. »

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