macOS Mojave and Mac App Store review purgatory

So, here we are again… stuck at the mercy of an opaque review system.
Cookie (and also Privatus) have both been stuck in review now for close to a month.

At first I was given reasons why review was failing, and while a few days earlier this was not a problem - I quickly fixed the given issues. That was the last time i heard back from Apple review… Both apps have been sitting in review now for weeks. There is not even an option to question why there is a hold up, as the usual *Resolution Center form is disabled.

Resolution Center

What is Resolution Center?
This is the mechanism by which Apple review voices its complaints of your app, and you have a method of responding and maybe recieving a response. And I do mean maybe. You normally just recieve a standard copy & paste response from the review guidelines.

You dont get much for your $99 yearly fee + 30% cut of all sales.

The Problem

So, the review team now doesn’t like the fact that the external scripts I ask users to install are necessary to run Cookie (and Privatus). I have tried to argue, that they are not in fact necessary… and that both apps function as intended without them. This is a slight stretch of the truth - the cookie removal script is required to make cookie removal in Safari permanent . All other scripts are not necessary, and none are required for browsers other than Safari - of which there are 8 (not including Safari Technology Preview)

The Real Problem

MacOS Mojave is seen as Apple’s most secure operating system - and escaping the sandbox (as the scripts do) is probably not sitting well with them. Although previously tolerated… I’m guessing Apple wants to remove this as an option. In my opinion this severly limits the usefulness of the Mac App Store, and does not bode well for the future of Mac app development…

It seems Apple wants to lock down macOS, and make it more like iOS… I have already run into this problem with WiFiSpoof and the new 2018 MacBook Pro - It just does not work…

Now What?

Well, Im currently playing the waiting game… But, I think this is not enough.
Im toying with the idea of removing Cookie’s removal ability for Safari (and Safari only) with the ability being added as an advanced option by installing the scripts. If I changed the Mac App Store marketing copy for Cookie - I think this will be enough to satisy Apple review.