The biggest problem with the Mac App Store

So, I’m in the midst of a Mac App Store related support nightmare right now…
I uploaded an important update to Cookie yesterday (v5.8.1), and in my haste (it was a long day, and I uploaded it around 2am) it had a receipt checking bug.

Cookie icon Cookie icon

Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as this particular bug should be easily caught in Apple’s own review system. The only real harm is having to upload a fixed binary and wait through the review process again. But, somehow the corrupted build made it through review, and in the the hands of thousands of customers 🙁

My own Store

Now if something like this were to happen in my own store, I can easily send out an update virtually instantly. In the case of the Mac App Store, I’m at the mercy of another companies time schedule and review system. Not really the best situation to be in….

I uploaded the fix around 16hrs ago, and it’s currently being reviewed right now. Fingers crossed it goes through quickly.

My apologies to all those affected.